Physical Education


Croydon Hills Primary School has numerous facilities to accommodate all types of physical activity, both indoor and outdoor. We have 4 full outdoor basketball courts which also can be used for Netball, Tennis and Volleyball. The indoor basketball stadium is used for not only PE lessons, but also Interschool sports competitions and is utilised on weekends by basketball clubs for competitions and training. Our extensive grounds include 4 ovals, one of which is large enough to hold Junior AFL competitions during our Interschool Sports program as is our Soccer field and two smaller ovals for the Middle, Junior and Foundation students to play on. The 2 smaller ovals are also used as TeeBall and Softball areas for competition. The Foundation area has a synthetic surface for many uses such as ball games including a lowered basketball ring.


Students in Foundation, Junior School, Middle School and Senior School have a weekly 50 minute Physical Education lesson with a qualified PE teacher and also have an extra 50 minutes each week in a platoon session with their class teacher.  The basketball stadium is a fantastic area, which is also utilised for PE lessons. The Foundation students have an hour session each week in the stadium with teachers and parents assisting in PMP (Perceptual Motor Program.)  The Foundation program is based on the Fundamental Motor Skills where students perform basic motor skills and learn to participate in groups with fun activities. From Year 1 & 2 onwards, students participate in more complex skills and are focusing towards eventually being able to participate in Minor and Major games such as Softball, Teeball, Hockey, Football, Netball, Cricket, Volleyball, Hot Shots Tennis, European Handball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Athletics, Badminton, Lacrosse and Rounders. Students are always encouraged to do their best no matter what the outcome is. Being a winner is not always about being first; it is about doing your best and giving it a go. The aim of the Physical Education Program is to equip students with experiences and supporting students to develop competence in making decisions and taking action to promote an active, healthy lifestyle. The acquisition of fine and gross motor skills is essential and related to performance in other curriculum areas.


House Sports

At Croydon Hills Primary School, we have House sports conducted in Cross Country in May, previous to the District Cross Country competition. The Foundation and Junior School participate in a House Cross Country event in Term 4. In July, we hold the House Athletics Sports. All children in years 3 to 6 participate in these sports for House points and the winning House is then presented with a trophy.  All children are given the opportunity to have a go at as many track events as they wish.  The Junior House Sports are conducted in December where all Foundation, Years 1 & 2 children do different sports in rotations for 2 hours. These consist of throwing, catching, athletics and fun games such as the use of a parachute.


Interschool Sport

All students in Year 6 have the opportunity to participate in a Summer and Winter Sports teams. For the whole duration of Term 1, they play a Summer sport consisting of Cricket, Basketball, Rounders, Teeball, Volleyball or Tennis. In Winter, they have the choice of Football, Soccer, Netball, Softball, Volleystars or Tennis.  The Year 5’s can also participate in these sports where there are positions available. Students are also given the opportunity to trial for Swimming, Athletics, Tennis and Golf.


Team Vic Trials

During the first semester, students are given the opportunity to try out for Team Vic trials in Football, Soccer, Netball and Basketball. If successful and they progress through the different stages, the ultimate is being selected to represent Victoria in a National Championships. In the past years, many students have been successful in Track & Field, Swimming, Cricket and Basketball.



Each year many teams represent CHPS across the Middle and Senior School taking part in the Hooptime Basketball Competition run by Basketball Victoria. Students have the opportunity to be selected for the All Stars ( experienced team) Future Stars ( some experience and learners) and Rookies ( have no prior experience) teams.  The program culminates at the end of each year with Regional Finals and a State Grand Final.