Digital Learning


Specialist Digital Technology Classes


Year Levels - 5, 6

Weekly Sessions  - 50 mins





At Croydon Hills Primary School students have access to a range of resources including:


  • A Computer Lab with Windows desktop machines.
  • Dedicated STEM (Science & Digital Technology) Teacher 
  • Classroom iPad Program (Year P - 1)
  • Classroom Chromebook Program (Year 2 -4)
  • 1:1 School Supplied Chromebook Program (Year 5 - 6)
  • Green Screen Filming
  • 3D Printer
  • Digital Technologies Lunchtime Club
  • Dedicated Year 6 Digital Technologies student leaders


Digital Technologies Curriculum:


Croydon Hills Primary School follows the Victorian Digital Technologies curriculum.


The Digital Technologies curriculum aims to ensure that students can:


  • design, create, manage and evaluate sustainable and innovative digital solutions to meet and redefine current and future needs
  • use computational thinking and the key concepts of abstraction; data collection, representation and interpretation; specification, algorithms and development to create digital solutions
  • apply systems thinking to monitor, analyse, predict and shape the interactions within and between information systems and the impact of these systems on individuals, societies, economies and environments
  • confidently use digital systems to efficiently and effectively automate the transformation of data into information and to creatively communicate ideas in a range of settings
  • apply protocols and legal practices that support safe, ethical and respectful communications and collaboration with known and unknown audiences.


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