Our Facilities

Croydon Hills is very fortunate to have extensive playing and sporting grounds.  These are truly unrivalled by any school (government or private). Our 7 acres of grounds are unmatched for space and varied developments. We have grassed oval areas, passive areas, and dedicated playgrounds for each section of the school.

We are very proud of the fact that our expansive grounds are maintained by a dedicated full-time Groundskeeper along with our very active Facility & Learning Environment Sub-Committee.



We have the following areas which are available for our specialist PE teacher or classroom teachers to use with their classes. These areas provide natural zoning of our students during their “play times”.



We have a number of open grassed areas that can be used for a range of outdoor activities. They provide plenty of open space for students of all levels to find space to run and kick a ball at recess and lunchtimes. Our grounds contain 6 major open play spaces which can be used for formal games or sports as well as for informal activities. These include:


Main Oval (Senior oval) with goal posts and cricket pitch.


Hardcourt area – for basketball, netball and a million other purposes. Four basketball courts are located in this in area.


Northern Oval (top) – used by Prep to Year 2 students.


Synthetic Field (New in 2024) State of the art new field with a running track, soccer markings and AFL goal posts.


Western Oval – area adjoining the path to Yarrunga community centre. This area has soccer goals installed.


Outdoor Courts - the school has four outdoor courts. Each court is market for basketball, netball and Hot Shots Tennis. Two of the courts are covered with synthetic grass and one is covered by a waterproof shade structure. This is invaluable during both the winter and summer. 


Dedicated Junior Court Space- We also have a dedicated Prep and Junior synthetic courts area, complete with 6 junior-height basketball rings, to ensure our youngest cohort can have fun shooting hoops on equipment designed for their size in their own exclusive area.


Passive Play Area

Not all students want to run around with active games at all times. Often students want to sit, talk and play quietly with friends. To facilitate this we are able to offer a range of formal and informal spaces. These include:


The Wellbeing Playspace

This area, located between the Performing Arts Centre and the Library is fully supervised by additional staff and student leaders at recess and lunch. The area has passive play activities including oversized noughts and crosses, oversized connect four and a monster car track. It also has a small sand pit, a blackboard and several bench seats.


The Farm

We have an area that we call "The Farm" which is constantly under development. It has vegetable gardens, a hot house, chooks, a frog bog and much more. It is a wonderful place for students to explore and learn.


The Birches

An extensive area developed in January 2001 by the Buildings & Grounds Sub-Committee with many birch trees and intertwining sealed paths. This area includes seating and tables.


The Indigenous Garden

This has been developed between the gym and the library as a place where small groups of students can congregate in a peaceful environment.


The Asian Garden

This tranquil area has been created to provide a space for meditation and reflection. It includes features from different Asian gardens, such as a koi fish pond, decorative stone paths, bamboo screening and plants and Japanese garden structures.


The Stadium

This state of the art sporting complex provides an excellent space for our students to participate in Physical Education lessons, Inter-school Sports, Perceptual Movement Program, sporting clinics as well as providing a venue for our school assemblies and major events such as Year 6 Graduation and Christmas Pantomime.


The Pavillon

This annexe to our Sports Stadium provides additional room for Out School Hours Care and is also used as a classroom space for Performing Arts and Visual Arts.


BBQ Area

A senior chat zone with paved area and seating around the school BBQ where students can sit and chat with friends in comfort.


There are numerous areas around the school with clusters of trees which, are used by students who play quietly amongst them. Extra tables and chairs are also scattered throughout the grounds.


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