Global Citizens

Our school is very active in this important area which is highlighted in the Victorian Curriculum.  


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Croydon Hills Primary School has a strong commitment to preparing our students to become global citizens. The Indonesian program we offer is part of this commitment, together with the inclusion of aspects of Asia awareness and global perspectives in classroom programs. 


Learning to be global citizens with intercultural understanding is integrated with English, Mathematics, Science, History and the Arts. This ensures that students learn about and recognise the diversity within and between all countries. Students learn about identity and culture, including, but definitely not limited to the 5 F’s; Fashion, Flora & Fauna, Food, Fesitvals and Flags. Students share their own cultures and discuss ways in which our culture and cultural identify can affect the way we communicate and interact with others.


At CHPS our Global Education program extends beyond the classroom. We have ongoing relationships with Myeongsun and Ungchun Elementary Schools in South Korea, which involves regular student exchanges. In 2015 our school became part of the Malaysia-Bridge Program, which involves regular communication and teacher exchange with the SK Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin state school in Jitrah, Kedah, Malaysia. We host teachers from South Korea and Malaysia as well as sending our teachers on exchange to visit schools in these countries. These exchanges provide opportunities for our staff and students to learn first-hand about our Asian neighbours.


As part of our studies, CHPS students participate in a biennial Global Education Day, where they dress to share their culture and participate in activities related to understanding different children’s lives and culture around the world. In 2019 we teamed up with the Just Like Me Organisation and managed to raise over $6000 which helped to fund the building of 6 preschools with hygenic toilets in Uganda!


At CHPS we intend to ensure that through our Global Education program our students get the best start possible to becoming interculturally aware and understanding global citizens.

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