Student Wellbeing


Croydon Hills Primary School (CHPS) strives to provide a safe, secure and caring environment, which is the foundation for supporting the development of adaptable, independent students with high self-efficacy.  We value all members of our school community. We respect what each student, staff and family member contributes to our school culture. Our vision and values sit at the core of our wellbeing framework. 


Wellbeing Team


Julie Reid: Assistant Principal - Wellbeing & Inclusion

Mrs. Reid holds a Bachelor of Youth Work and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education. She has 25 years of experience in mainstream, alternative education and community settings. Mrs. Reid is passionate about developing & maintaining a holistic inclusive culture of well-being. 





Cheyenne Mason - Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Cheyenne holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Restorative Practices.

Cheyenne works full-time to support staff, students, and families to ensure maximum well-being and engagement.





Kelly Goodgame - Student Wellbeing Officer 

Kelly has a background both in studying and working in the field of youth work.

Kelly works on Wednesdays and Fridays, supporting students in small group wellbeing programs

and sometimes 1:1. Kelly also supports us in the Office on Tuesdays assisting with first aid and wellbeing administration. 






Wellbeing Frameworks


Our school is aligned with Positive Education and the PERMAH model, drawing upon the VIA character strengths to anchor the development of social-emotional intelligence. Our growing understanding of emotional intelligence (EQ), Growth Mindset and cultural intelligence (CQ) is woven throughout our curriculum and culture. 


Our school utilises Restorative Practice,  the science of relationships in the community context, to consistently shift paradigms - working towards stronger relationships and a sense of belonging across the school. Our school utilises Restorative Justice approach to address conflicts across the school.







URSTRONG/ Friendology is all about empowering kids with friendship skills!  We use this program as a skills-based strategy that teaches kid-friendly concepts, skills and language to help them build and maintain healthy friendships.



Respectful Relationships is a core component of the Victorian Curriculum, all about embedding a culture of respect and equality.



Peaceful Kids is a mindfulness and positive psychology program we introduce in small groups of 4-6 students at a time. This program is facilitated and organized by the Wellbeing Team. The team also runs a Peaceful Parents program about once a year for parents interested. 



Seasons for Growth is a small-group evidence-based education program for children and young people aged 6-18 years. This program addresses various types of change, loss and grief we can go through. This program is facilitated and organised by the Wellbeing team. 




In Buddies our Preps and our Year 5 students: build relationships, ease the transition for younger students, strengthen responsibility and respect, complete activities that develop pro-social skills, foster a sense of the whole school community and extend or enhance a peer support structure. 


Helping Hands is a leadership development, inclusivity and well-being program where senior students encourage and support students across the whole school, from preps to their peers through running activities and games during playtimes. 


Wellbeing Captains, we have two appointed year 6 students each year that promote positive well-being and school values. Our Wellbeing Caprins of 2024 are Emmy Kerr and Charlotte Faughey.  



We have several policies to support the Wellbeing and Engagement of students. We invite you to visit the policies page of our school website to gain a greater understanding of these.



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