Environmental Program


Croydon Hills Primary (CHPS) was the first school in Melbourne to achieve 5-star accreditation. We aim to build upon this strong reputation as a leading environmentally sustainable school - one that provides a vibrant, caring and supportive learning environment, which integrates sustainable initiatives and a sustainable curriculum that motivates all people in our school community to live more sustainably.


CHPS has a strong emphasis on Sustainability throughout the curriculum, which develops students' individual and collective responsibility toward the local environment, and thereby also impacting the wider environment. Learning about Sustainability is a part of AusVELS and is taught as a cross-curriculum priority through three organising ideas, which are Sustainable Systems, Sustainable World Views and Sustainable Futures.


At CHPS Sustainability is taught in our curriculum through:

  • Education about the environment which focuses on key knowledge and understanding of the ecological functioning of the environment.
  • Education in the environment which allows students to experience and form a connection with the environment to develop positive attitudes and values toward environmental responsibility.
  • Education for the environment which focuses on students taking action for the protection and conservation of the environment. This includes the development of skills to enable students to be active and informed participants in environmental decision-making.

CHPS has implemented a student leadership program where students become Eco Leaders who organise and lead sustainability initiatives within our school as at CHPS we see environmental responsibility to be a significant learning experience. CHPS also has considerably spacious school grounds that include a farm area with a chicken coop, vegetable gardens and areas encouraging biodiversity, including a frog bog and butterfly garden.


We aim to advance in responsible environment management by supporting contemporary initiatives that aim to improve standards in Energy, Water, Waste and Biodiversity. Many of our initiatives focus on looking at the school as a whole and the impact of our Environment and Sustainability programs throughout the curriculum and in the community.


Some of the initiatives include:

  • Schools Water Efficiency Program 
  • Eco Leader program 
  • Rubbish Free Lunches 
  • Clean Up Australia day 
  • Eco-Tunnel display 
  • Walk to School Initiative  
  • Resource Smart AuSSI Vic participant 
  • Consumption and bills data tracking 
  • Choose Tap Initiative 
  • Farm area & vegetable gardens with areas encouraging biodiversity, including a frog bog and butterfly garden 
  • Chickens 
  • Carbon Sink Schools (CSS) initiative

Enviro Links

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