Big Picture Thinking


In 2016 we undertook a Departmental School Review, the findings of which will inform our planning for coming years.  The Review covered all aspects of our school's operation, with a focus on curriculum learning and student outcomes.

Please click here to read the Executive Summary of the Review findings.


Interesting Articles Relating To Education and Preparing Students For Their Future


BPT1 – Digital Natives  

This is a term which is used to describe anyone who has grown up with digital technologies all around them.  This is increasingly the case as digital devices become more and more part of our everyday personal life as well as our work life as adults, and for students as part of their learning.  This 3 minute clip illustrates the different world that our current students will need to be prepared for a very different world by the time they enter the workforce.



BPT2 - Changing Education Paradigms 

This wonderfully animated clip talks through how our education system has got to where it is and highlights some of the challenges in meeting the needs of our changing world. This 11 minute clip is very easy to watch and understand, not hard like the title implies!