Visual Arts

Specialist Visual Art Classes


Year Levels - Prep, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Weekly Sessions  - 50 mins


Students from Prep to Senior School at Croydon Hills Primary School all receive a 50-minute Art lesson a week in a very well-resourced Art room with a Visual Arts specialist.


The Visual Arts program encompasses the art methods of drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, ceramics, modelling, photography, digital and construction where all students have the equal opportunity to explore, experiment, create and make artworks.


The emphasis is to provide students with key skills and techniques appropriate to each method as well as having fun creating their own unique artworks.


Where appropriate, the Visual Arts program provides cross-curricular links to Level Inquiry units, generating strong cultural, social and educational bonds.


Art history and its relevance to our society, both locally and globally, is examined during the Visual Arts lesson as well as investigating artworks created from different cultures around the world. Students are encouraged to give their thoughts, beliefs, ideas and opinions about artworks created by artists using appropriate arts terminology.


Art Show

Croydon Hills Primary School have a biennial Art Show, were all students have the wonderful experience of exhibiting their artworks for their parents and visitors to observe. Exhibiting your work is an important part of creating artworks and fosters self-esteem. Students’ artworks are displayed around the school in each level area and can be viewed all year round.


Year 6 Graduation Project

Each year, the Year 6 students work together to create an art piece that will stay at CHPS as a memento of their time here. Each year, students focus on a chosen idea and art medium to create their collaborative artwork. They work in small groups and learn about how to bring their ideas to life through design and construction processes. Towards the end of the year, there is an unveiling ceremony to celebrate their impressive achievements.


Wider Learning Opportunities

CHPS is always looking for ways forstudents to interact with the wider Art community so they can see that art anddesign are important parts of daily life. Whether it be through excursions toplaces such as the National Gallery of Victoria, Art competitions, partneringwith organisations to participate in educational activities or havingartist-in-residence programs, CHPS strives to nurture and extend upon eachstudent’s creative potential. 

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