Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Students from Early Learning to Middle School at Croydon Hills Primary School all receive a 50 minute Art lesson a week in a very well resourced Art room with a Visual Art specialist.


The Visual Arts program encompasses the art methods of drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, ceramics, modelling, digital and construction where all students have the equal opportunity to explore, experiment, create and make art works.


The emphasis is to provide students with key skills and techniques appropriate to each method as well as having fun creating their own unique art works.


Where appropriate, the Visual Arts program provides cross-curricular links to Level Inquiry units, generating strong cultural, social and educational bonds.


Art history and its relevance to our society, both local and globally, is examined during the lesson as well as investigating art works created from different cultures around the world. Students are encouraged to give their thoughts, beliefs, ideas and opinions about art works created by artists using appropriate arts terminology.

Art Academy

Junior, Middle and Senior schools have a unique opportunity to sign up for the Art Academy extra curricular program that runs all year during one allocated lunch time a week. Students can extend on art skills and techniques or work together on exciting and interesting art projects, for example scarecrows for the garden. This program is voluntary where students sign up on a term-by-term basis.


Art Show

Croydon Hills Primary School have a biennial Art Show, held during Education Week, were all students have the wonderful experience of exhibiting their art works for their parents and visitors to observe. Exhibiting your work is an important part of creating artworks and fosters self-esteem.


Students’ art works are displayed around the school in each Level area and can be viewed all year round.


Year 6 Graduation Project

Each year the Year 6 students work together to create an art piece that will stay at the CHPS as a memento of their time here. Each year a different idea and art method will in focus where students work in smaller groups extending their arts knowledge further. The artwork is unveiled at Graduation night for all to view and admired.


National Gallery of Victoria Local Landscape Painting Program

The NGV Local Landscapes program is an extended Visual Arts and Literacy enrichment program for 20 highly focused year 5 and 6 students who have demonstrated interest, imagination and skill in the visual arts. The program is based on the Australian permanent collection.

During the program students get to visit the NGVA gallery where they receive an introductory lecture, showcasing the Australian Impressionist artists work and their artistic practice and to listen to a contemporary Melbourne artist discuss their approach to landscape painting. 

Artist in Schools Program

Where funding has been provided from successful applications, Artist in Schools Program allows students a fantastic opportunity to work with professional artists for approx. 20 days on an creative project in any art form. For example, our year 5 students were fortunate enough to work alongside animation artist David Pennay to develop skills in digital format, using i-stop motion software, and created 3 animation short films based on environmental issues.