CHAPS Parents Association




As parents of Croydon Hills Primary School students we all share an interest in making our school the best it can be. The CHAPS team exists to support and service our school by co-ordinating a range of fundraising events throughout the year. Without these events, our school simply wouldn’t have the extra funds to invest in resources that help make CHPS such an exceptional and loved school.


Did you know that CHAPS helped fund the new junior school playground and helped fund the ground works for the new portables? These are just two of the many examples that show how CHAPS have helped improve our school over the past few years. CHAPS also co-ordinates and runs special events such as the Mothers’ & Fathers’ Day Stalls as well as social movie and trivia nights, all to help make the year more enjoyable for parents and students.


It’s easy to get involved.

Being an active CHAPS member is a great way to stay in touch with what’s happening throughout our school, plus it’s a great opportunity to meet other like-minded parents who want to help make a difference.  Here’s how you can get involved:


Become a CHAPS member It’s easy to join CHAPS:  simply complete the Membership

Form CHAPS Membership Form and hand it to the school office.


Come along to a meeting – CHAPS meets the first Monday of each month in the Conference Room, next door to the Staff Room.  Either Christian Holdsworth (Principal) or Carol Wyatt (Vice Principal) attend, so it’s a great way to find out what’s going on and share any feedback you may have.


Volunteer to help at an eventAny contribution is always greatly appreciated. Please email  if you would like to help at anytime.


Join the committeeElected at the end of each year at the CHAPS AGM.



CHAPS Committee
Nicola Edwards
Sue Brophy

Danielle Bell
Jessie Dalziel
Janine Wilson
Rebecca Barden
Robyn Gatt
Nicole Grieve
Penny Pierce
Nancy Duffy
Christy Kertes
Meaghan Sadler
Diego Palmisano
Jenna Phillips
Mandy Packett
Roseda Campbell

Ideas, suggestions?

We are always looking for new and fun fundraising ideas or events.


If you have any suggestions or feedback please contact us

or place your written suggestion in the CHAPS suggestion box at the office.