Specialist Library Classes & Book Borrowing


Year Levels - Prep, 1, 2, 3, 4

Weekly Sessions  - 50 mins


Book Borrowing Sessions


Year Levels - 5, 6

Weekly Sessions  - 50 mins


Students at Croydon Hills Primary School receive a 50-minute Library lesson each week in a very well-resourced Library. Students from Prep to Year Four attend classes with a specialist Library teacher while Senior students visit the Library with their classroom teacher. 


The Library program encompasses weekly borrowing of books, with students focusing on locating, selecting and reading good fit books relating to their personal interests. We encourage parents to read or talk about library books with their child. Asking questions about the story and characters can help develop comprehension skills and promote further discussion about their reading preferences. 


A range of texts are shared with students and lessons focus on developing reading and writing skills. Where appropriate, the Library program provides cross-curricular links to Level Inquiry units, generating strong cultural, social and educational bonds.


Book Fair

At Croydon Hills Primary School we have an annual Book Fair where parents and students have the opportunity to purchase a range of books for home use.


Children’s Book Week 

Each year, Children’s Book Council of Australia presents annual awards to Australian books of literary merit, for outstanding contribution to Australian children's literature. All of the shortlisted books are added to our Library collection and become part of our Library curriculum, with students reading and studying these award winning books. There are also a range of exciting activities that take place during Book Week, including dress up days and author visits.

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