Indigenous Sports Uniform

One targeted program that the school offers for our First Nations students is  Journey Tracks (delivered in partnership with EACH).

Ellie, a proud indigenous student, drew upon her learning in Journey Tracks and from our Murrundini visit to develop her own piece of Art.

The student-led project involved collaborating with EACH staff, Croydon Hills Primary School Visual Arts teacher Claudia Michielin and the indigenous artists at
Dezigna to create an Indigenous version of our school sports top.

As with all Indigenous Art, there is a story and meaning associated to the design:

  • The gum leaves represent the connection to the land and the beautiful native trees within our school grounds
  • The handprints on sleeves represent the students helping each other through and through.
  • The diagonal red sashes show the pathway students take on their learning journey.
  • The blue lines represent the waterways that surround us within our local community.
  • The red triangle shows a star symbol which represents our students reaching for the stars, following their dreams.
  • The boomerangs, spears and snakes all represent elements of indigenous culture.
  • The large design on the back is a meeting place. The dots around the outside represent the school community, including staff, volunteers and parents.
  • The large symbol in the middle represents the principals, our leaders who give guidance, support, care and knowledge to the staff and students. Just like the elders within our indigenous communities.
  • The wording below acknowledges that our school is situated on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation.
  • The inside colour acknowledges Ellie as the artist.
Students are able to purchase either the traditional or alternate design as their Year 5 & 6 Sport top. 

Well done Ellie on your leadership and thank you for a lasting positive change in our school!

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